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About Us

Roundolove.com was born out of a desire to gather people around to share positive thoughts and messages with a person. Jeff Jenkins, the founder of Roundolove.com, originally got the idea from a retreat experience he had with his friends and family writing him hand-written notes offering him their best wishes and affirmations of the good they saw in him. Jeff wanted to duplicate this experience digitally and soon realized that there are several occasions for a people to host a Round O’ Love in someone’s honor: from birthdays to weddings to just because. He hopes that everyone will have the experience of receiving a Round O’ Love in their inbox in the years to come.

Our Mission

Roundolove.com is dedicated to providing a platform for people to gather together and appreciate, celebrate, and encourage a special someone. So much media is negative and hurtful, and it is our goal to see that people can use media in an affirming and positive way. We hope to offer creative, group-based messages and slides that will build up the spirit of the intended recipient. Our goal is that all people will have the experience of receiving positive messages from those close to them through our website.

Contact Us

Need to get in touch? Please contact us at info@roundolove.com

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