26 Nov 2018

A.C.E. ing your Round O' Love part 1: Appreciation

Every year, I love the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s nothing quite like the experience of eating a turkey dinner with family and then fighting through a food coma to watch football. But all traditional US rituals aside, taking a day to be thankful for all that is in our lives is always a good thing. When you ask people what they are most thankful for, family and friends are usually at the top of the list. Maybe you have a parent who has always been there for you, or a best friend who just makes life better when they are around. Whatever it may be, odds are that other people around that person appreciate them too. But often people never hear the “thank yous” they deserve. Too much goes unsaid*-+. 3, and the person can feel unappreciated. Gathering a group of friends and family around a person to tell them thanks is a great way to show them appreciation. Just host a Round O’ Love in their honor and have everyone share their words of thanks and see what a difference it can make.


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