26 Nov 2018

What is a Round O' Love?

Round O’ Love (n.): A surprise collection of positive messages sent to appreciate,80 When I was in high school on a retreat, I had the experience of receiving a bag of letters from my family and friends. The letters were filled with their best wishes for me and affirming the good things they saw in me. It was a powerful experience for me because sometimes I got caught up in negatives thoughts about myself and their letters helped snap me out of that. A few years later I organized the same experience for my sister for her birthday, and she said it was the best birthday present she’d ever received. Positive words and thoughts from people we love and respect have amazing transformative power. As the digital age expanded, I thought, “People should have this pack of positive messages experience online.” And thus I started working with a developer to create roundolove.com. I would like to invite you to take inventory of your close relationships and consider hosting a Round O’ Love in their honor. Life will always give us a reason to appreciate, celebrate, or encourage the people in our lives. A Round O’ Love is a fun way to do that socially (without the trolls). Gather a Round for those you love.


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